Minnie Mouse Party

In my family, we are Disney fanatics – chalk up another mouse ear fangirl. So for my littlest’s first birthday, I decided on Minnie Mouse. Not stripper pink Minnie (she’s a hack) but the original red, too-legit-to-quit, polka-dot-wearing, frilly-undies-showing Mouse Queen.


As shown.

The great thing about first birthdays is that you don’t have to try very hard. Keep this simple! It’s the only time in your life you can put such little effort into your kid’s birthday party and still get away with it. Enjoy this moment, before they graduate to full-on rave parties where you’re scouring the internet for ideas worthy of  MTV’s Super Sweet Sixteen. Right now you’re little angel is one, and they don’t care, and they won’t remember a damn thing anyway.

I started this party planning with the perfect outfit. I put together an adorable ensemble to showcase my baby bundle with a t-shirt I happened to find via miracle. Then I whipped up this great skirt/bloomer combo to go along with. I used a standard McCall’s patter for this one and added the extra layer of tulle for extra frill.

Then for the crown: red Minnie anything was impossible to find, so I got crafty. I made individual party hats for each guest. It’s incredibly easy to put these together. Just grab any cheap dollar store crap hats you can find and pull them apart at the seam. Then trace on your wrapping paper of choice and tape it up. Simple enough. I embellished our to spice things up. Craft foam, ribbon and boa feathers did the trick!


Finally, the treats. I know you’ve seen these cupcakes all over the place. I traded the Oreo option for York peppermint patties, because they worked better as ears. A little bow out of fruit roll ups finished this off, along with our red sprinkles. Line em’ up, pack some punch, and this party is good to go!

And that’s it! Nothing left to do but enjoy!

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