100/365/1: Wasteland

To be fair, I really started this whole reading journey in December. I had some extra time over the Christmas holiday to rekindle my love of reading and I took full advantage. So I got a bit of a head start, but I figure I’m taking a vacation for a few weeks this year so it still works out to be about 365 days. That’s probably not important, but I wanted full disclosure since no one lies on the internet. Right, @realdonaldtrump??

Now onto the books!

As another disclaimer, I have a little sister who is 14 years my junior. She loves to read and for a hot minute we had a thing going that we called “sister book club.” So the first few unread books I pulled off my shelf were left over from this activity. Also, I really enjoy a good YA novel (Katniss > Tris). The point is I’m trying to mix it up. There’s no rhyme or reason to this goal and I’ll read what I want!

I kicked off with a book called Wasteland. Not The Waste Land by T.S. Eliot, but just Wasteland by an author named Francesca Lia Block. I’ve never read her stuff, but she has a lot of book covers with half-hidden girl faces. Seriously. Google it.


Given the synopsis, I was expecting this to be another teen dream drama love story with hormones worthy of John Green. And that is not what it was. There’s a bit of an incest vibe, so keep an open mind. As a huge fan of V.C. Andrews, I was introduced to that story arch long ago, but if you’re not used to reading this kind of thing it can come as a bit of a shock.

I was pleasantly surprised by the profound thought behind this book. The question here is a matter of morality, and it sheds light on how our own understanding of what is right interacts with what we’ve been told. The story is a sad one, and in the end I was undecided on how I felt about it. One thing is sure: I was anything but disappointed. The writing is dark and beautiful, and it left a strong aftertaste. It’s a pretty short read if you want to try it out. Just probably not something you’ll be passing out at family Christmas….


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