100/365/3: The Eternal Ones

Another unread book on the shelf of my procrastination down! The Eternal Ones by Kirsten Miller.


Let me just say now that I never intended this blog to become a book review kind of thing. I’m not naïve enough to believe people actually want my recommendations on their reading, being the no-named person that I am. I simply have a goal to read 100 books in a year and I would like to publish someday and I thought this would be a good way to try something new in the interest of getting my voice out there in the world. So I’m going to try very hard not to be an ass in this particular post. Far be it from me to bash another artist’s work. Besides, she’s published and I’m not.

This is a YA novel with a touch of romance, but essentially, this is also fantasy. I’ve noticed the distinction in fantasy readership that created a divide between Twilighters and Potterheads, and I’m the latter. If you’re the former, you might like this book, so DO NOT read on. Lots of spoilers ahead:

The story here seems promising when you read the book jacket. It’s centered on reincarnation and the idea that certain people have the ability to imprint on others, leaving a familiarity that is sought out in every new life. I thought this an interesting notion.

The main character is Haven, a name that feels a little Harlequin, but I rolled with it. Since she was a child she’s had these dreams or visions about a man she feels she must find. It’s a little creepy, this child’s infatuation with a former lover from another life… but I rolled with that too. There’s also a religious nod, with Haven being mostly raised by her zealot grandmother, who is a character the likes of Adam Sandler’s beloved Mama from Waterboy. Grandma is probably Baptist judging by her prim and proper ways (I live in the Bible belt so I’m well aware) and Haven, growing tired of her judgment, finds reprieve in the local snake-handling Pentecostal church… after a bit of pause and a deep breath, I even rolled with THAT.

I realized I was going to hate this book about ¾ of the way through, when Haven finds her man, but also realizes she’s being creepily stalked by another immortal. By that time it was too late. I had to finish it.

Haven and dream guy and her gay best friend from Small-minds-ville all turn out to be “eternal ones,” reincarnated souls unable to cross over into the afterlife. Haven and dream guy must find each other in each turn of this everlasting screw or their romance circle with break, leaving Haven destitute as a single woman for all eternity. So much for feminism…

Now enter creepy stalker guy, who is constantly orchestrating attempts at sabotage for the happy couple due to his obsession with Haven, and who also happens to be… SPOILER ALERT…wait for it… the DEVIL!


As in Satan, ruler of darkness, fallen angel and all-around worst antagonist ever. And this brings up so many questions for me. Like if the leader of this whole movement is Satan, would that not make the rest of the “eternal ones” demons? And then wouldn’t they just be doing his bidding? And how would Satan not know where to find one of these eternal people (aka Haven), given his reputation for controlling all worldly contravention as is so often verified by the religious notion of good and evil? And if Satan is on Earth and there’s no one manning the land of fire and brimstone, where is God? What’s he up to? And if only certain people are chosen for reincarnation in lieu of immortalizing the general population, does it not further support the notion that these beings are not, in fact, human? And if they’re not human, or subject to the fallacies of human thinking (based on Haven’s progressive rejection of the church and the best friend’s gay status) what the hell are they doing in Tennessee?

Anyway, I checked the reviews for this novel on Barnes and Noble and people seem to like it okay. Since I didn’t care for Twilight, I might just be the minority in the community of romance novels set in the eternal everlasting. If you’re into that, you’ll likely be into this. I just found it wholly unrealistic and disjointed as a fantastical reality.

Now I’m going to don my Ravenclaw scarf, cuddle up with my butterbeer and pigmy puff, and get onto the next book!

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